• What is Prosthodontics?

  • Prosthodontics Merced dentist smileSo… you’re online searching for a Merced dentist office nearby and come across a listing for our office.  Before you scroll on, take a minute to think about your oral health.  Do you need a dental exam or would you like to improve your smile?  Do you have cosmetic problems you’d like to work on or require a more in-depth dental service like implants? What exactly is a prosthodontist?  A prosthodontist does all of the above and more in order to help you restore and maintain the beautiful smile you deserve.

    Prosthodontists require 3 additional years of schooling after completing dental school.  That’s not to say that your current dentist hasn’t taken a course or two to be able to offer similar services, however.  The main advantage of going to a prosthodontist is that the extra experience and training provides these dentists with state of the art techniques and procedures that will help you get your smile back.  Here are just a few of the reasons why prosthodontic care is the right choice when you are looking for a Merced dentist.

    General dentistry

    Yes, this Merced dentist had to go to dental school before advancing to the study of prosthodontics.  Our team offers regular general dental services and exams for the entire family.  In addition, we offer many more procedures to restore your oral health.

    Replacement of Lost Teeth

    Crowns, dentures, or dental implants can replace a lost tooth whether it was the victim of an accident, illness, or deficiency.  Prosthodontists have pioneered implant techniques and have the advanced skills to see you through the entire process of restoration.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry encompasses teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, and more.  The goal is to build you the smile you want.  Prosthodontists treat smiles as a form of art and possess the amazing attention to detail that the most talented artist exudes.  The precision, patience, and expertise to craft anyone’s smile into one that shines bright with confidence are the true superpowers of any prosthodontist.


    The bottom line is to continue with a little research before making a decision.  If you need restorative dental work or would like cosmetic dental work done, ask questions to determine the capabilities and training your dentist possesses.  Pay attention to the schooling and techniques offered by your dentist so that your smile is the best it can be.  You wouldn’t take a Ferrari to a Chevy dealership for a tune-up or repair; your teeth deserve the same treatment.  Prosthodontists are specialized dentists that can work with you on a plan to get your smile where you want it.

    One of the best ways to get started with us at the Prosthodontics and Implants Dental Center is to schedule a consultation.  Simply use the time to discuss your concerns and to learn about all the various options available to you through our Merced dentist office.  Design your smile to look the way you’ve always envisioned it.  We’ll stay with you every step of the way.  Give us a call or follow us on Facebook for the latest news in Prosthodontic care.