• Smile with Confidence

  • Merced Cosmetic Dentist-Teeth WhiteningFor many of us, the holidays bring about a time of gatherings, celebrations, family, and fun.  The festivities can, indeed, become overwhelming at times, so it is important to remember what the season is about.  It is a time for thankfulness and giving, kindness and compassion, love and respect.  However you celebrate, doing so with a great smile will make all of those around you stare in awe at your dazzling display.  On the other hand, if you don’t feel confident with your smile, and if your smile isn’t living up to its potential, why not call your Merced cosmetic dentist and give a gift to yourself this year? 

    The gift of a great smile

    Your smile says a lot about who you are.  Are you confident and sure?  Are you friendly?  Do you take care of your health?  Proper oral health care involves brushing your teeth two times every day and flossing.  It also includes eating nutritious foods and scheduling regular checkups with our Merced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Misha.

    Give your smile a boost

    Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile.  You may be a great brusher and flosser, but have an unsightly chip in your tooth that hinders your smile.  Before you come face to face with party revelers, schedule an appointment to fix that small chip.  A simple one-day procedure will restore your smile to its brilliance.

    Brighten up the room with a dazzling smile

    Holiday décor and fireworks are not the only things that should sparkle this year.  Your smile can light up a room.  If you are in need of whiter teeth, a Teeth Whitening procedure is a great way to impress.  A bright smile exudes confidence and gives you a sense of pride.  With great pride, you’ll be able to conquer a room and partake in the festivities.  If you are hiding your smile behind your hands or mumbling in order to cover your teeth, consider how great your teeth would look after a procedure done by your Merced cosmetic dentist.


    Make sure you have a chance to enjoy the celebrations and gatherings this year with a confident smile.  Call our office for a consultation to learn more about our Merced Cosmetic Dentistry options.  Whiter teeth, repaired chipped teeth, or a smile makeover are all possible through our prosthodontist.  A routine dental exam can also help you prepare for the holidays.  With a professionally cleaned mouth, you won’t have to worry about halitosis becoming an issue.

    Our cosmetic procedures are designed to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.  Give yourself a great gift and improve your smile.  It is a lasting gift that you’ll love.  Follow us on Facebook for oral health care tips or give us a call to schedule an appointment.  Together we’ll develop a treatment plan unique to your smile and have you ready for your festivities.