• Valentine’s Day, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Your Children

  • Cosmetic dentistry - oral healthFebruary is a month full of fun and awareness.  We celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month.  We smile as the groundhog forecasts our spring and our hearts warm from our special valentine.  Even obscure observances happen; February is known as the month of chocolate, grapefruit, strawberries, and rabbit adoption.  Another great celebration that our Merced cosmetic dentist adores is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

    Sweets and Smiles

    Quite possibly, your child brought home a box full of sugary treats and valentines this week.  Whereas we would rather our patients steer clear of foods that cause cavities, we know these sweet temptations are irresistible.  That being said, we have a few tips that will help your young one’s keep their adorable smiles intact.

    Avoid hard candy:  As a Merced cosmetic dentist and family practice, we have seen our share of chipped and broken teeth caused by candy that is too hard for small, growing teeth.  Suggest an exchange program with your child and substitute teeth-damaging candy for others that won’t crack a tooth.

    Practice moderation:  One treat after dinner is a great way to avoid a buildup of sugar on your children’s teeth.  Also, by having sweets right after dinner, the saliva that is already breaking down food and clearing it from their mouths, is in overdrive and will help wash down any treats.

    Oral hygiene:  In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, take the time to teach your children about the benefits of a good oral hygiene regimen.  Starting at a young age, children can learn the importance of brushing and flossing.  As they grow up, you will have given them a life lesson they will always use.  Show them how to brush after meals and explain how their action makes them a superhero against cavities.


    A Toothy Smile

    Children rarely need the Merced cosmetic dentist services that we offer.  However, cases arise regarding a sports injury or rambunctious youth at play.  These matters need attention so as to avoid bigger problems down the road.   Even a cracked tooth from an extra hard cookie or piece of candy may go unnoticed if your child isn’t aware of the issue.  Be diligent in your child’s oral health care so you can seek help as soon as possible with our Cosmetic Dentistry services.


    Celebrate Children’s Oral Health

    Carry over the Valentine’s Day celebration into the importance of caring for your teeth.  Show your children how to properly brush and floss and help younger children accomplish their oral routine with gusto.  Make it a family-fun event.   Children will see you brushing and flossing and enjoy mimicking your actions.  Discuss healthy food choices with older youth and don’t forget to schedule your regular dental check-ups.


    We look forward to your visit and invite you to follow us on Facebook for more tips on teaching your young ones about the importance of oral health care.  While we may not have advice about rabbits, we surely can help you and your family maintain your beautiful smiles.