• Winter Tips for a Great Smile

  • Dental implants Merced dentistThe dentist Merced patients value most for the dental implants and prosthodontic care is Dr. Ranu Mishra.  At our Merced dentist office, we consider ourselves artists when it comes to smiles.  We’ve rebuilt thousands of smiles and helped many local residents keep their smiles healthy.  This winter, we want to help you even more by reminding you of ways to keep your smile looking great amidst the bustle of the season.


    Stay hydrated

    It may be easy to forget to keep up with the recommended daily amount of water because of cooler temperatures, but water is of great importance to your health.  Water helps your soft tissues and skin stay healthy; ensuring that your gums don’t become infected or damaged from gum disease.  Along with flossing, water can help rinse food and sugars away from your teeth.


    Limit your sugary sweets

    Our Merced dentist staff knows how much more fun it is to bake for the holidays and within the confines of a cozy kitchen.  Holiday parties and family gatherings add to the sweet treats you’ll find this winter.  Since we can’t tell you to avoid these sweets altogether, we’d rather you keep your indulgence to a minimum.  Too much sugar isn’t good for our health or our smiles.  Treat yourself to a couple mouth-watering bites and then remember to brush your teeth as soon as possible.  If you away from your toothbrush, run a finger over your teeth in the privacy of a bathroom or swish with water to remove as much sugar from your teeth as possible.


    Don’t put off your next visit to our Merced dentist

    One of the worst things that can happen during the excitement of the holiday season is to have a dental emergency.  An unforeseen emergency is unfortunate and requires immediate help.  But, a tooth that has been giving you problems for a while may be trying to tell you something.  Take the time to schedule a visit with our Merced dentist so that you don’t have to end your fun engagements prematurely.  With our extensive knowledge and available services, we can have your smile back in good health quickly.


    Make the most of your winter by keeping your smile in great health.  Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water.  Brush and floss every day and schedule an appointment with our team if you are overdue for a visit.  We have more tips for a healthy smile on our Facebook page and are always available to answer your questions.  With proper care this winter, you can be sure your smile will continue to look great.