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    Cavities affect people of all ages.  While many believe cavities are only associated with children and sugar, it is actually adults who should be just as concerned about their oral health routine and cavities.  One does not outgrow tooth decay and cavities.  As the dentist Merced families trust for their restorative dentistry and oral health needs, look to our team to help you keep a healthy mouth, free of disease and decay.

    Cavity statistics

    It is reported that 25% of people between the age of 20 and 64 have untreated tooth decay.  Ninety-two percent of those people have cavities.  On average, this age group has at least 3 teeth experiencing tooth decay.  In comparison, only 60% of children between the ages of 12 and 19 have cavities.  Finally, 93% of people over the age of 65 have cavities.  The conclusion, the importance of a good oral health routine is greater than ever before. 

    Why the increase in cavities as one ages?

    Many situations can affect the risk of cavities as you age.  Dry mouth, a side effect of medication is one of them.  Receding gums is another cause of cavities.  Without a good oral hygiene routine that includes flossing and brushing, plaque buildup can cause gums to recede and thus expose more of the tooth’s surface area.  One other cause of cavities is stress.  How we deal with situations can run into our oral health.  Teeth grinding and clenched teeth can damage the enamel and expose it to tooth decay.  Additionally, stress may cause some to over-eat unhealthy foods which cause cavities.  Finally, time is a factor here.  Age plays a large role in whether or not you have cavities and is a direct correlation to how well you’ve cared for your teeth in your lifetime.

    Treating cavities and your oral health routine

    Our Merced dentist generally diagnoses cavities by examining your teeth.  Consistent six-month appointments ensure a cavity is caught early or even before it has damaged your tooth.  If you feel pain and diagnose the cavity as a result, you’ve waited too long since your last visit.  Keep up to date with your regular dental exams and cleanings so you can reduce your risk of cavities.

    If you have concerns about cavities, give our Merced dentist office a call.  Learn more about good oral hygiene routines on our Facebook page and do your best to brush and floss as recommended by our team and the American Dental Association.  Remember, brushing twice each day and flossing will keep your smile and teeth in good health.