• Why Should I Worry about a Missing Tooth?

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    When a child loses a tooth, we set forth with a small celebration, leaving the tooth under the pillow in hopes of a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  An adult, on the other hand, who is missing a tooth, experiences much different reactions.  The reason?  Children are losing their baby teeth; temporary teeth that are paving the way for their adult teeth.  Permanent teeth don’t get a natural replacement.  Instead, that gap remains until it is repaired.  As the dentist Merced residents see for dental implants and their smiles, we’re here to help.  A missing tooth poses many problems, so what can you do to remedy the situation?

    The perils of a missing tooth

    The loss of a permanent tooth creates a host of problems.  First, the sides of the neighboring teeth are more exposed to tooth decay.  If you don’t have a regular oral health routine, plaque and bacteria build up and create cavities.  Next, these teeth slowly start to slip into the empty space of the moving tooth.  Normal actions like chewing create pressure on teeth and the extra space allows them to move.  This results in crooked teeth.  Now, as these teeth move, the other sides become exposed to further decay without proper hygiene.

    Dental Implants in Merced

    One way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant.  Our Merced dentist places a post in the spot which fuses to the bone, acting as the root of the tooth.  We place a crown which has been designed to look like your natural tooth on the post.  A dental implant allows you to floss and brush as you normally would and keeps your other teeth from damage.

    Bite problems

    A missing tooth causes problems with your bite and jaw and can require extensive procedures to correct the problem.  If the issue is addressed quickly, you avoid unwanted costs in the long run.  Even posterior teeth that you think can’t be seen by others should be tended to.  Gaps in your mouth are visible when you speak, chew, laugh, and yawn and the resulting reactions from your peers can cause embarrassment.

    Don’t let a missing tooth get you down.  Our Merced dentist office offers a variety of procedures to correct the issue.  Dental implants, bridgework, and dentures are common options when it comes to restoring your smile.  Learn more on our Facebook page and take the step to repair your smile and oral health.