• Tips about Teeth Whitening Services

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    With summer wedding plans, family reunions, and new adventures for new graduates, a professional teeth whitening procedure with our Merced dentist is a great idea.  As the dentist Merced families call for their routine care and restorative dentistry needs, look to us to get whiter teeth.   Whiter teeth refresh your smile and help you look your best.  While most patients will be eligible for this service, it is important to know what we consider before moving forward with a treatment plan, so here are some tips about whitening your teeth. 


    Setting realistic expectations is one factor we discuss before your treatment.  We find it’s best to discuss the color of white you are trying to achieve from the beginning.  Our Merced dentist in-office whitening treatment options can brighten your teeth up to 8 to 10 shades whiter.  We use a color matching guide to identify what shade your teeth are currently, and then, with the same guide, help you determine what shade you want to be after your treatment. 

    Sensitivity Issues

    While teeth whitening services are safe, there is the possibility that patients with already sensitive teeth will need help managing additional sensitivity.  Our Merced dentist and staff recommend brushing with special toothpaste in the weeks or days leading up to the treatment that helps with sensitive teeth.  This will lessen any discomfort that may come from the procedure.

    Maintaining your New Smile Teeth

    Most patients can expect to enjoy their whiter teeth for over a year.  Our Merced dental team will advise you on what foods to avoid as well as beverages.  In the first few weeks after your treatment, your teeth are easily susceptible to staining and absorb the dark colors of certain foods.  After a couple of weeks, you can return to your normal eating habits, while still keeping your teeth looking great.

    Getting Started

    Call our office to see if our teeth whitening service is right for you.  With a simple consultation we will discuss the goals you have for your bright smile and help determine the shade of whiteness that you’d like.  We’ll also cover how to care for your new smile and talk with you about the procedure.  Learn more about our services on Facebook if you’re ready for a new you.