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  • Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Mouth

    As your Merced dentist and staff, we not only want you to have a great smile, we want to help you maintain it.  In addition to your bi-yearly dental exams, you can promote oral health by eating foods which help you keep your gums and teeth healthy all year long.  By working the foods listed [...]

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    Valentine’s Day, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Your Children

    February is a month full of fun and awareness.  We celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month.  We smile as the groundhog forecasts our spring and our hearts warm from our special valentine.  Even obscure observances happen; February is known as the month of chocolate, grapefruit, [...]

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    Understanding Restorative Dentistry

    When it comes to Restorative Dentistry and the need for a Merced dentist visit, call on the Prosthodontics and Implants Dental Center.  Beyond the regular services and dental exams, Dr. Mishra is skilled in Advanced Dentistry.  So what does that entail?  In addition to regular cleanings, issues [...]

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    Smile with Confidence

    For many of us, the holidays bring about a time of gatherings, celebrations, family, and fun.  The festivities can, indeed, become overwhelming at times, so it is important to remember what the season is about.  It is a time for thankfulness and giving, kindness and compassion, love and respect. [...]

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    What is Prosthodontics?

    So... you’re online searching for a Merced dentist office nearby and come across a listing for our office.  Before you scroll on, take a minute to think about your oral health.  Do you need a dental exam or would you like to improve your smile?  Do you have cosmetic problems you’d like to [...]

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