• Digital X-Rays

  • Although you may not notice any symptoms, there are several issues, some more severe than others, that can't be seen with the naked-eye. X-rays allow us to take a look below the surface of your teeth to make sure everything is healthy and to check for any abnormalities or problems. X-ray technology creates radiograph images, allowing our team to examine certain areas more in depth.

    Our highly skilled and attentive staff at Prosthodontics & Implant Dental Center takes the time to make sure your experience with digital X-rays is a pleasant one.

    For over 10 years we have been safely and comfortablely capturing X-ray images of patients from Merced, Winton, Atwater, Cressey, and nearby communities to detect and treat oral issues.

    What is digital X-ray imaging?

    X-ray beams generate a black and white image of your bones, teeth, and often times, your head region and neck. These images are captured instantly and reviewed immediately to check for potential concerns and your overall oral health.

    Our X-ray technology allows our team at Prosthodontics & Implant Dental Center to capture digital X-ray images immediately and store them electronically to refer to in the future.

    Why should I have digital X-ray images taken?

    Establish Medical History

    When we have new patients, we generally like to take X-ray images of your mouth to gain a better understanding of your current oral health. We electronically store these images to refer to and see if there are any changes or abnormalities.

    Uncover Issues

    While you might not notice or experience any symptoms, X-ray images give us insight to the oral issues that could be happening below the surface, or in your teeth and jaw. With any disease, early detection is the greatest way to treat and combat issues before they manifest. 


    Digital X-ray images are an innovative tool for diagnosing issues. Without this kind of technology, we may not be able to detect some problems, ultimately compromising your oral, and potentially overall health. 

    X-ray images help uncover:

    • Tooth decay hidden by fillings
    • Bone infections
    • Cavities between teeth
    • Periodontal disease
    • Tumors
    • Cysts or abscesses  

    How do I know if I should have a digital X-ray image taken?

    To determine if you should get X-ray images taken, we will consider your medical and dental history, risk for disease, and age. These factors also allow us to assess how often you should get X-rays taken.

    If you would like more information about our X-ray technology or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (209) 383-9222. Our office is conveniently located in Merced and offers the top dental care in Merced, Winton, Atwater, Cressey, and other nearby communities. Given the level of care we provide at Prosthodontics & Implant Dental Center, it is no surprise why patients keep coming to us for over 10 years.