• Periodontics

  • The periodontium refers to the tissues and bones that surround and support your teeth. When this area becomes infected it is known as periodontal disease.

    Periodontal disease is common in Merced, Winton, Atwater, Cressey, and all over the world. Prosthodontics & Implant Dental Center is highly trained in identifying and treating periodontal disease even at its earliest stages.

    Periodontal disease doesn’t go away on its own and needs to be professionally removed.

    What is periodontal disease?

    Before periodontal disease emerges, plaque that hasn’t been removed can turn into a hard substance known as tartar. Similar to periodontal disease, tartar won’t go away on its own and must be removed by a professional.

    If tartar is not cared for in a timely and proper manner, your gums can become infected and begin to recede where your gums and teeth meet. This causes your teeth and gums to separate, leaving even more room for infection.

    How do I treat my periodontal disease?

    In the early stages of periodontal disease, we may advise you to change your oral hygiene routine.

    How do I know if I have periodontal disease?

    You might not notice any warning signs or even be aware that you have periodontal disease. If you experience the following symptoms and think they could be related to periodontal disease, you should contact us as soon as you can. Some symptoms include:

    Gum Changes

    • Receding: Your teeth may look longer or larger than they did before, or your gums seem to dip down lower around certain teeth than others.
    • Swollen: Some areas of your gums may appear larger or swollen compared to others.
    • Sensitive or tender: Certain foods or temperatures can cause discomfort to some areas of your mouth.
    • Red: Gums appear more red in color than usual.
    • Bleeding: Although this is a common sign of brushing too hard or from picking your teeth, you should consult us if you experience bleeding gums.

    Bad Breath

    When you have constant bad breath, despite brushing the suggested amount, this is commonly known as halitosis. While bad breath can be a sign of various oral issues, periodontal disease is one of them and should be examined by your dentist.

    Changes in Teeth

    • Sensitive
    • Loose
    • Appear Longer

    If you schedule regular visits to the dentist, it is likely we can detect and treat periodontal disease before it worsens. A comprehensive cleaning and examination help us determine if there are pockets or recession of gums that can turn into periodontal disease.  

    Prosthodontics & Implant Dental Center collaborates with the top periodontal professionals in Merced, Winton, Atwater, Cressey, and nearby communities to keep your mouth free of periodontal disease.

    To schedule an appointment with your friends at Prosthodontics & Implant Dental Center, call us at (209) 383-9222 or email ranumishra@gmail.com. With over 10 years of experience in the dental industry, you can trust we will provide you with unparalleled care and service.